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About Us

Vincent P. Basilice, M.D.TOC Eye® Business Front began his private practice in a small office near the historic village of Old Stony Brook in 1978. He was committed from the start to the ideal of compassionate medical care. Every patient walking through the door knew they were receiving expert medical attention at the hands of a doctor who was truly concerned about their welfare. From the start, Dr. Basilice insisted that quality medical care had to encompass both expertise and compassion without compromise.

Integral members of Dr. Basilice’s staff at the beginning of his private practice are still with him today and recall what it was like to wait for the telephone to ring. In the meantime, Dr. Basilice would use the downtime between patients to train his staff in advanced eye care. It was not long before word-of-mouth about the great new eye doctor in town took hold and the practice began to grow. It was unheard of, even then, that any doctor would come in on a Sunday to see a patient with an acute emergency, or that a doctor would carry a patient from their car into the office during a glaucoma attack, or give out his private number so that a patient could contact him without delay. Dr. Basilice’s practice was built on this level of caring and its focus survives today.

Many of the area’s top doctors have started their careers working with and learning from Dr. Basilice, who still generously shares his knowledge and years of experience with others. Since those days, the location of TOC EYE® has changed three times as the practice has outgrown its operating space. Today, as medical director of The Ophthalmic Center, Dr. Basilice and his staff are responsible for the eye care of thousands of patients. Yet, the same commitment to the best in ophthalmic care together with the compassionate treatment of every patient is still very much alive and well at the center.