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LASEK/LASIK Discounts And Financing

What is included in your LASEK/LASIK fee?

Our fee includes all pre operative testing and post operative care for one year after your LASEK/LASIK laser eye surgery, the procedure itself and a post operative kit. All of your visits will be with our LASEK/LASIK surgeons. We also extend to our nearsighted or myopic patients (with prescriptions less than -10.00) a lifetime commitment, which means we will perform any enhancements needed for distance at no charge. We can do this because our enhancement rate is so low (only 5%), due to the skill of our surgeons and the humidity and temperature controlled suite which houses our on-site state-of-the-art Visx Star 4™ Excimer Laser.

In addition, special discounts are offered to the following:

  • Professional Courtesy (MDs, PAs and RNs)
  • Active Duty Military
  • Police Officers, Firefighters, EMTs
  • Ambassador Program Referrals (those referred by someone who has had laser vision correction in our center)

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Care Credit SpecialPayment Options:

  • Interest Free Financing – up to 24 months!

CareCredit® offers 24 month interest free financing as well as convenient payment plans of up to 60 months with interest. Click on the button to the right and find out instantly if you are approved!

  • Credit Cards

We accept ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS, including MasterCard, Amex, Discover and Visa, as well as all Debit Cards. Choose the one with the most points or the best rewards program!

  • Flex Spend – Ask at work if you can put aside PRE-TAX dollars to pay for your LASEK/LASIK.