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Submitted by Dr. Vincent Basilice on April 28, 2014
Common Eye Infections

Corneal infections can be problematic impacting vision considerably. Herpes keratitis is a particularly common infection of the cornea which can lead to scarring and loss of vision if not appropriately treated. The fellowship trained corneal specialists at The Ophthalmic Center located in East Setauket, Long Island are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of herpes keratitis. This condition, similar to a “cold sore” reaction in the cornea can begin in childhood as recurrent episodes of “pink eye.” Proper intervention is required to manage this eye condition which in almost all cases can be controlled and vision maintained indefinitely. If you, a family member, or friend, suffer from Herpes keratitis or corneal scarring from dendritiform keratitis please contact the eye doctors of The Ophthalmic Center located in East Setauket Long Island to arrange an evaluation. For more information please contact The Ophthalmic Center serving Suffolk County Long Island.

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