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Complete Eye Care Services

Long Island Comprehensive Eye Care Services (Model)Long Island Eye Care Services

Our team of ophthalmologists are available to serve all your comprehensive eye care needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to treat everything from everyday vision care needs to the most complex ophthalmic cases. Whether you’re looking for a warm and friendly eye care solution for your family, need a routine vision checkup or you’re seeking treatment for a vision problem, TOC Eye® is here to help.

Family Eye Care

We’re proud to offer advanced vision care for the whole family at TOC Eye®. Routine eye care checkups serve as the foundation for continued eye health. We recommend that you undergo a comprehensive eye exam every one to two years. (Depending on your age and/or vision history, we may suggest more frequent checkups.)

In addition to testing overall vision, we use the latest technologies to evaluate eye mobility; for color testing, depth perception and visual fields testing; and to screen for age-related eye conditions like cataracts and glaucoma.

Any vision problems or changes in vision can be evaluated by our experienced team, and a custom solution tailored to fit your needs. Let us help improve your vision through education and application.

Dry Eye

There are many things that can cause dry eye syndrome. Environmental factors and allergies can be common contributors, in addition to lifestyle habits (such as staring at your computer screen too long). Dry eye is also a common side effect of LASIK surgery. If dry eye has become more of a chronic problem than the occasional nuisance, let the TOC Eye® team help. Come in today for an evaluation and take the first step to dry eye recovery.

Contact Lenses

Are you looking for an alternative to glasses but not quite ready to commit to a vision correction surgery? Visit The Ophthalmic Center today and let our expert team of optometrists help guide you through the world of contact lenses. We have thousands of contact lenses in stock that can cater to all your vision needs, be it correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia or keratoconus.

For your convenience, we make it easy to order your contact lenses online through www.yourlens.com.

Nutrition and Eye HealthNutrition and Eye Health

At TOC Eye®, we provide you with more than just treatment. We want to help educate you about all aspects of eye health so that you can avoid vision problems long before they have a chance to develop.

As such, we stress the importance of nutrition and lifestyle habits in managing your eye health. We have the technologies and expertise needed to correct vision problems, but we’d much prefer to safeguard you and your family through valuable eye health information.

Check out our comprehensive article on nutrition and eye health to learn a little bit about how your diet can shape your vision.

Additional Services

Your Comprehensive Eye Care Needs Today

To learn more about the many eye care services on offer at TOC Eye®, call us today at 631-751-2020 or contact us via our web form to schedule a free consultation. It would be our pleasure to make your family a part of ours.